How to Put Some Mood on Your Home Decor

Your home design does not only reflect your personality but also affect your daily mood and emotions. If you are trying to look for some kind of serenity, then you can start with your own space. Your surroundings contribute a lot in looking for balance and happiness amidst a busy life schedule.

It is scientifically proven that the amount of impact of your home’s design to you is greater than you think. If you are feeling down or stressed, starting to create a new look for your home might just be helpful. You do not have to be an expert to get a good result.

Here are some tips you can use:

(1) Let the sun shine

Research suggests that the sunlight present in your home can increase your happy hormones and help you feel better each day. It makes your home bright and lively. A dark room can give a gloomy effect and you might just feel the same way.

If you have heavy and thick curtains, maybe it is time to opt for the sheer ones, allowing sunlight to enter your home. Look for areas at home where you can improve the lighting.

(2) Get your greens

Plants have plenty of benefits at home. It makes your home healthier because it purifies the air you breathe. Its greenery also gives a calm ambiance to help you destress and feel better. Lastly, it improves your focus making you more productive.

The most common problem that homeowners encounter when it comes to taking care of plants is how to make it grow and survive. You can buy plants that require easy and simple maintenance to get you started.

(3) Apply some colors

Before deciding on what colors to choose for your home, it is better to do a little research first. Different colors have different effects on you depending on what you want to achieve.

Neutral colors are perfect in bedrooms because they give off a warmer and calmer feel. Vibrant colors, on the other hand, give off a lot of energy, which are perfect for workspaces and study rooms. It’s important to select colors that you like and pleasing to your eyes. Think about what kind of atmosphere you want every room to feel and start from there.

(4) Sort it out

A messy space can make us feel uneasy and distracted. It is normal to pile up our things specially if we have a tight schedule at home, at work, or at school. However, leaving our messes uncleaned can keep us feeling unfocused.

Make time to declutter and arrange your things to where they belong. If you have a lot of things to organize, it is better to take small steps at a time. A small progress is still a progress. With this, you can start learning about organization techniques and develop this skill in no time.

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