Smart Home System

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Digitize your home with our smart home features and allow your property to be remotely controlled at the palm of your hands. The many benefits of smart homes include:

  • safe home security system (smoke detectors and gas alarms)
  • climate control
  • lighting controls
  • smart locks
  • remote surveillance and doorbell controls

Our dedicated team of smart home professionals are well versed with its applications and provide technological solutions, eliminating the need for routine home actions.

Scope of work:

  • A complete installation of the smart home system to the main components such as light switches, thermostats, home locks, etc.
  • Performing a full scale testing of all the newly installed features and its functionality.
  • Commissioning the full smart home system and its handover to the client and instructing the use of its features


  • Supply of the smart home system
  • The specialized and skilled installation team


  • Internet facilities