How to Help Your AC in Beating Dubai Summer

Living in Dubai during the winter when the weather is mostly mild, you probably don’t need much of your air conditioning. During summer however, the heat can get unbearable. You may have been able to overcome it before but extreme heat waves are now starting to come. Aside from it being uncomfortable, too much heat can cause serious problems like heat stroke. Make sure that all your household members, including your pets, can bear the heat coming in your house.You might think about buying another air conditioner just for that short duration of hot weather, thismight not be reasonable. Don’t worry, this heat can be manageable if you do things right. Here are some tips you can do under extreme heatin order to not only conserve electricity but also help your air conditioning:

(1) Get enough fans

Depending on how big your house is, you should have enough number of electric fans. For an 800 square foot space for example, have at least 3 fans in your home. Its portability is an advantage which means that you can place them where they are needed, whether in the living room, study room or bedroom.

(2) Make way for fresh air

Allow the air to enter your home by opening the windows on opposite sides. This is probably the most economical way to fight the heat. Not only are you getting fresh air but you’re also allowing old and dirty air to flow out from your house.

(3) Beat the heat

Drinking enough water and other cold drinks can help beat the heat. Make sure to keep, not just yourself but your fur babies as well, hydrated to avoid getting sick or heat stroke during hot weathers. Avoid keeping your pets in hot areas without shade and water.

(4) Step outside

Can you take any more heat? If not, then it might be a good idea togo to a nearest coffee shop, movie theater or anywhere with air conditioning. You can even use this opportunity to invite your friends to hang out and save them from the extreme heat as well.

(5) Wait for the heat to pass

Prevent heat from coming in your house by closing your windows and blinds during the hottest hours of the day. When the sun starts to set at 4pm or 5pm, it means that the outside would feel so much cooler, then it’s time to reopen them.

(6) Consider others

If you have members of the family who are more sensitive to heat, like children or pregnant women, then it might be worth it to buy a cheap and small air conditioner. Simple heat management might be a risk for people who feels more uncomfortable in hot weather.

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