6 Ways to Make Cheap Furniture Last Longer

Bumping into an amazing piece of furniture at a very reasonable price can feel like the lottery. This of course is until it gets worn out by daily use or the normal wear and tear. The hard truth is, the cheaper the materials are, the easier they are prone to be damaged. This can feel a bit frustrating especially if you really like the furniture designs.

Professional refurbishers understand this problem and they have come up with a few things that can help us, the general public. From swapping furniture legs, getting your hands dirty with a wood glue stick and others. Here are a few things you can do to prolong your furniture’s life:

(1) Change the legs

You don’t need to be forced to keep the legs that come with your furniture especially if they come as on budget pieces. Furniture experts suggest that you can replace them to be more sustainable and sturdier.

(2) Change the hardware

The hardware is a game changer. You can opt to change the knobs of that drawer you just bought to give it a classier look. Good knobs also function much longer that cheaper alternatives.

(3) Limit rebuilding furniture

For furniture that you buy and have to be assembled, it is best if you make sure that you limit the times you have to screw into the holes. The more times you have to assemble and screw into the holes the large the possibility of you widening the holes and making the structure wobbly and eventually will lead for the furniture tearing down faster.

(4) Stabilizing drill holes

In the event you end up widening the drill holes, you can opt to use a chopstick or a small wooden dowel to fill large drill holes. Push the wood into the hole and secure it with wood glue and saw off whatever the excess is. Once the glue dries, you can re-drill the hole as a solution for wobbly kitchen cabinet doors or chairs.

(5) Revamp your finishing

Not only will revamping your finish protect your furniture from normal wear and tear but will also give it a fresh new look. Make sure you check and assess the state of your furniture at home to be able to decide which ones need refurbishing.

(6) A coat of spray paint will not hurt

You would be surprised how some of the best solutions are easiest. Applying a layer of cheap and easy to use spray paint is will just do the trick. It can update every manner of your furniture or hardware whether it be kitchen cupboards, walls, floor tiles, clocks, picture frames or bathroom furniture.

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