5 Habits to Prolong a Clean Bathroom

Have you ever done your bathroom deep cleaning all the way through but just doesn’t look right? There are certain reasons why that is. A clean bathroom is always necessary to keep a healthy environment for people using it. Even so, there are times when it doesn’t completely feel fresh.

If you’re someone who tends to leave the bathroom right away without observing, then you might want to change that habit. Here are five steps to maintain a clean-looking bathroom:

(1) Dry your counters

Even if your bathroom has been cleaned thoroughly, if someone has used the faucet and wet the counters, it could still look untidy. This is an unavoidable situation since splashes are common in this area. You can leave a washcloth beside the sink to encourage people to wipe it afterwards. You can tell your household members to wipe the counters after washing their hands to maintain your bathroom neat and clean. If you feel like this should be a house rule, impose it if needed.

(2) Arrange your towels

If something is oftentimes used during the day, it’s easier to just keep them lying around. Unfolded towels, however, can make your bathroom look messy. Make sure to take time to fold and arrange your hand towels or bath towels. This is one simple thing that can greatly affect the appearance of the area. Don’t leave towels anywhere to make your bathroom look welcoming.

(3) Avoid unpleasant smells

Nobody likes to see someone else’s trash. If your garbage can in the bathroom doesn’t have a lid, it means that people sitting on the toilet has to see and smell junks and wastes. This is rather an unpleasant situation that can easily be avoided by placing a step can with lid. It’s not only eye-pleasing but also prevents unwanted smells from circling around the bathroom.

(4) Leave no residues

Thinking that other people have also used our bathroom can leave us feeling uneasy specially if we can physically see remnants of their presence. Soap drips on the dispenser can make a bathroom feel unclean. It just makes it look like it has never been cleaned since somebody else used it. Make sure to keep it presentable and wipe residues away to make your bathroom more inviting.

(5) Get rid of eye sores

Putting our things back to where they belong can sometimes be a hassle specially if we are in a hurry. However, having your things unkept can be an eye sore to others. Make sure to keep your essential products in your drawers and cabinets. If not, you can place them on a tray and avoid scattering them around. It’s important to keep your things well-placed to maintain a clean-looking bathroom.

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