6 Wall Painting Ideas for the DIY Enthusiast


One day you will enter your house and decide to do a wall painting makeover. You would feel your design has eroded the creative world and could use a refresher. Look no further because we have listed a good number of DIY wall painting designs just for you.

With the never-ending list available creative painting techniques online, it’s so easy to get lost in them and forget how to keep it original. Hence, we have kept our suggestions simple and straight to the point. The following are all you will need to give any room a fresh and new vibe.

One: Stencils

For DIY enthusiasts, you will want to try this. Wall painting stencils are simple and easy ways to add class and interest to your space while avoiding the costly charge of hiring a professional. All you would need is to order the stencils that captivate your creative spirit and spend an afternoon putting some attention to your walls.

Two: Sponging

As the name suggests, you only need one wall painting tool – a sponge. You can work around with the colours you would want to have on this project. A set of two would be good. Make sure you do not overdo the colours to avoid making your wall look like clutter.

Sponging is very easy to execute and doesn’t require specific painting skills or expertise so you can invite the whole family to join in for this wall painting art project.

Three: Rag Rolling

This specific technique involves rolling a rag up and down a wet wall to add texture and depth. Make sure you choose a rag that you will not be used anymore in the near future. People love rag rolling as it can create a subtle tone to the wall texture without going away from the overall design of your wall painting colours.

Four: The Classic Polka Dots

Probably the easiest on this list is a classic polka dots accent to your wall painting design. You don’t need to commit to painting or any other rigorous planning activity. All you need is some circles with a colour of your choice and start piling and arranging them to add that vibe. They are well suited for a child’s room.

Five: Go Metal

If you really want a showstopper, nothing will ever compete to metallic paint. It can be tricky to plan it since you do not want to overdo it all over the house. You have to strategically identify corners and wall areas where you can add that metallic accent.

Six: Checkboard

A checkboard wall painting design will definitely break that monotone. What is special about this design is that it tends to add a more decorative feel, taking the pressure away from planning on more items to accent it. It can stand on its own or do very well with items of solid colour.

Just make sure you decide on the colour theme. You want to highlight the contrast of hues without making it too bold. You will also want to make sure the lines are perfectly drawn to make sure your checked wall will look on point.

Revamping you wall painting colours and wall painting designs have been proven to be a fun activity. You can include the whole family and look for ways to include your kids too!

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