Stay Away from Clutter – 5 Must-have Practices


We all have had those days when clutter chases us all around the house. From your kitchen, living area, dining area to your bedrooms, stuff is just everywhere. What are improvements we can instil during simple activities to never see those clutter days again? Here are five small practices that will prove helpful in making your house look always professionally cleaned:

One: Clean while you cook

The normal way is to usually wait until all the cooking is done to put all your utensils and ingredient supplies where they belong. This would eventually end up with you feeling tired after the cooking and tidying up will be at the bottom of your to-do list.

How about we inject a little helpful practice? While preparing your meal, start putting back things immediately after using them. You have finished pouring some pepper to the pan, now put the pepper back to the cabinet. This allows a parallel cleaning time so when your meal is ready to serve, your kitchen is also already clean and organized.

Two: Invest in organizers

The biggest reason why most of our clutters is so obvious is that we do not invest in proper organizers. You can probably save hiring a maid service with just simple investments on quality organizers.

Consider buying kitchen fixtures, more cabinets, and space-saving features on your walls. This will not only make your home more clutter-free but it will also save you a lot of living space.

Three: Do a clutter-run before bed

A good habit to have is to do a quick walk around the house to see if there are any clutter areas you can identify. You can start from your living area all the way back to your bedroom. It will prove helpful to start regularly doing this.

A good benefit from this habit is waking up to a more organized home. What makes it worse after waking up on the wrong side of the bed is seeing clutter once you get out of your bedroom. A quick clutter run before bed will ensure that will never happen.

Four: Do not make every part of your house an attic

The attic is where we store things we do not use anymore. You would have old baseball bats, old clothes, photo albums, books, and other things you outgrew over the years. There is a reason the attic is the attic. Make sure that you keep unusable things out of sight. Appliances and other materials that the family rarely use can be stored somewhere else to free up space and contribute to a clutter-free home.

Organizing your house can improve living conditions. Some of us opt to hire cleaning services or booking maid services. But what if we can save the trouble and the money by implementing simple practices at home?

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