Things to Avoid For Your DIY Wall Painting Project

With the list of things that has to be done by a professional, the temptation of a DIY wall painting revamp is just too strong. All you really need to have for wall painting tools are paint and a paintbrush and you can be all set. This eventually also saves you the cost of hiring wall painting services that will require some amount of money. But as easy as it may seem, when you do a DIY project for the first time, you might miss a few things that are only learnt by experience.



We are here to help you out! We have identified things to avoid on your first DIY wall painting design.

One: Do not forget to stir

The very basic rule is to not let your paint sit on for too long without being stirred. Paints are composed of solids and solvent compounds. When a paint mixture is sitting on one corner for a while, the actual paint sinks to the bottom. This can also affect the wall painting color of the mixture.

If not mixed well, you might end up not having the right wall paint color you initially decided on.

Two: Choosing Cheap tools

Quality will never let you down. I have seen people opt for cheaper options and they always end up not being satisfied. The thing about wall painting tools and why you need quality ones is because they largely affect the output. Let’s look and paintbrushes for example.

Quality paint brushes affect the stroke of your wall paint. If you do not have a proper brush, your paint job will show just that.

Three: Choosing Cheap Paint too

Apart from tools, quality paint is also as important. You have to be careful as to the toxicity of it as well. Ask for advice on how long-lasting the paint is. For your wall painting designs for bedrooms, you would want to apply paint that does not carry a strong smell. The quality of paint also dictates how it will fair over time.

Four: Not taping it securely

We sometimes will feel we can secure steady hands and not mess the paint up but better safe than sorry. You will only be spending some extra time to secure a tape on the desired wall, a little insurance won’t hurt. No matter how confident you are with your steady hands, splatters are always a possibility.

Five: Shortcuts on preparation rituals

They say that almost 70% of a wall painting project is preparation. You need to cover furniture, mask your countertops and cabinets, cover parts of the floor, and a lot more.

This can be a tedious part of the whole thing but it is very necessary to do it properly. The prep work will protect you from any mistakes or accidents.

Doing a DIY painting project can be fun and therapeutic. It can also save you cost by having to avoid hiring a wall painting service company. But if you can afford it, it will also be helpful to have someone with experience guide on your first one. This way you will have much more confidence to fully be on your own for the next wall painting job in the house.

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