Tips for Villa Maintenance

How a villa is to be maintained depends on many aspects like its interiors, exterior, amenities and whether the villa is a rented holiday home or occupied by a family. Villas have some or all of the following amenities; at least three bedrooms, a big kitchen, and a dining area. Larger villas have additional rooms like a laundry room, a kids’ playroom, a garage, and a maid’s room. In addition to that, some villas are enhanced by fountains, swimming pools, and beautiful gardens. It goes without saying, villas need to be serviced regularly to maintain their elegance.

Below are some tips to maintain your villa in a perfect condition throughout the year:

Regular Cleaning

If you are staying in a villa, you will not want to spend most of your time cleaning up and maintaining your home. Therefore, come up with a daily and weekly cleaning plan. Rooms that are used regularly should be vacuumed and cleaned every day. These include the bathroom, living room, dining room, and the master bathroom. The places which are used occasionally only need to be cleaned and serviced once a week. It could be overwhelming to do it all by yourself. So it is best to hire professional maid services on a daily basis to take care of the cleaning.

Maintain Your Home’s Exterior 

Have a weekly or monthly maintenance plan for managing the facilities in the exterior of your villa, including the façade, garden, lawn, fountains, and swimming pool. The exterior paint also needs to be redone whenever possible. The pool should be maintained based on its use to keep it hygienic.

Hire Professionals

You can utilize the services of villa maintenance experts. If you are too busy, they can take care of daily villa service chores. Alternatively, they can come in once a week or once a month. They can handle those tasks that you find challenging to keep up with like doing the lawn, gardening, and thorough swimming pool maintenance. Do a quarterly audit of the bedding, furniture, and kitchen utensils in the villa to keep the villa running well. And remember to do pest extermination every six to 12 months.

Annual maintenance contracts

Routine checks on your villa will prevent emergencies. You can work with a professional company to keep a check on your dwelling. Signing up for an AMC contract will make it easier for you to maintain your villa regularly and efficiently. You can choose the services to be included in your AMC. Doing so will ensure that regular wear and tear are repaired and replaced promptly. The contractor can check on your air conditioning system, alarm systems, roof, walls, floor, plumbing system, electrical systems, and any other areas in the house.

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