5 Types of Sofa Cleaning Methods

One of the most important furniture to maintain is the sofa. This is where we entertain our guests or relax after a tough day. Because we use this part of the house a lot, it is prone to catching dirt and stains. From dust to wine night, our sofas need to be well kept to be able to provide the most suitable level of comfort.

There are different kinds of methods that you can use. Keeping a regular schedule does not only prolong the life span of your sofa but also makes it a healthier place to be at without the dirt and stains.

This article will list down five sofa cleaning methods commonly used by professionals.

One: Steam heat extraction

This type of deep cleaning uses high-temperature steam. Steam heat extraction removes dust and all other particles that might cause health issues off the sofa. It also removes excess moisture together with dirt and stains. Excess moisture in the sofa can attract certain types of insects so it is important that you keep it clean and dry. This also reduces fabric shrinkage and you can have your sofa well cleaned after just a couple of hours. Experts say that steam heat extraction is also the most economical compared to other methods of sofa cleaning.

Two: Carbonation Cleaning

This method of sofa cleaning simulates a natural way of keeping your sofa clean. The entire method can take four to six hours and can end up making your sofa look brand new. You would only need a small amount of carbonating cleaning solutions with the effervescent effect which is only a tenth of what steam cleaning method requires.

Carbonation also saves a lot of water in the cleaning process. The small bubbles from carbonation can penetrate the fibres and removes dirt and stains. The bubbles then tend to bring the dirt and stain to the surface where they can easily be wiped away. What is good about this method is that is also left somewhat a protective barrier on the surface thus minimizing any future accumulation of dirt and dust.

Three: Chemical cleaning

Chemical products are available and are safe to use in all types of fabric including leather. A dry shampoo encapsulation is an effective sofa cleaning method used to remove dirt. Chemical cleaning also requires the least amount of time. You can almost immediately sit on the sofa after the process is completed.

Four: Foam Cleaning  

This method sofa cleaning method is applied by hand. They are put on the sofa and allowed to rest for a short amount of time. It is then vacuum cleaned and the result is fresh-smelling furniture.

Five: Dry cleaning

This sofa cleaning method is similar to foam cleaning without the use of water. A chemical powder is sprinkled around the fabric and to the stains. The sofa is then vacuum cleaned. Since there is an absence of water, no downtime for drying is required.

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