10 Tips to Help You Settle in Your New Home

Moving into a new home is a lot of work. You need to make sure that it is functional, clean, and safe for every family member including your pets. You need to plan ahead as to what kind of environment you want to achieve.

This can be a long process but there is an end of it for sure. Whether it is your first time moving into a house or not, it’s always better to prepare and know what needs to be done. Here are some tips for you:

(1) Take a look around

Before unpacking your things to your new home, make sure to walk through everything in the house. There are times when some things are not what was agreed in the sale contract. For example, there might be fixes not yet finished or furniture missing. You should call your realtor right away in order to set everything straight.

(2) Make it a child and pet friendly environment

You should set your new place as a safe environment for everyone, especially for kids and pets. Child and/or pet-proofing your home is important to avoid any unsafe scenarios. Make sure to keep away sharp objects like knives and scissors, or delicate things like glassware.

(3) Plan ahead

You can save time setting up your place by planning what and where to put all your things. If you already know which furniture to put in your living room or which painting to hang in your bedroom, it would be easier for you to finish organizing. Know the layout you want beforehand and then you can make changes later.

(4) Utilities must be functional

Before moving in, you need to make sure that everything is functional and ready to use. Check your utilities such as electric, water, HVAC system, and internet if all are working. You do not want any inconvenience on your very first day in your new house.

(5) Find out where the Circuit Box and Water Regulator are

Identify where your circuit box and water regulator are located. You might need to find them for a situation like a power outage or pipe issues and the water needs to be turned off. It is important to find them right away in case of an emergency.

(6) Deep clean your new place

After the lengthy process of moving in and setting everything in place, the next thing to do is to deep clean your new house. A new place deserves to be fresh and clean all throughout. If you do not have the time and tools for it, you can always hire professionals to do it for you.

(7) Set your priorities

Moving into an old home entails damages and repairs. Make time to inspect and walk around the new place to identify what fixes are needed. You can make a list as to what needs to be done right away and what can wait. This will help you get a standpoint of the repair situation and other things that need attention.

(8) Update your locks

Changing all the locks on your new home is definitely a must. This will ensure safety for you and your family. You do not want to go to bed wondering who might have a key. You can do this yourself if you want or you can hire a professional.

(9) Inform everyone about your new address

You should notify your family and friends of your change of address before or right after moving in. You should also inform your bank or anyone else who sends you your bills to avoid lost mails and contact.

(10) Know your neighbors

When moving into a new place, making friends can be a bit awkward. However, little steps like introducing yourself can help you settle in easier. Meeting your neighbours can help you get information about the people around you and other things you did not know you need. Being a little friendly will not hurt.

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