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Your Easy Guide to Deep Cleaning the Kitchen

How to deep clean kitchen?

Deep cleaning the kitchen can be a tedious task and organizing which one to clean first and which to clean last can be a tiring process. From dirty dishes, kitchen sink, to kitchen cabinets –Ilaj has a custom-made list to organize your kitchen cleaning. Some parts can be done daily while others can happen depending on how regular you want them to be.

Before we start with the kitchen cleaning checklist, you need to do two things – a quick tidying and gathering your cleaning supplies.

Your quick tidy-up will only take a few minutes. Take the time to run through your kitchen and put any items lying around back to their places. Pick out any trash around and throw them to the trash bin. After this, you can start gathering your kitchen cleaning products. Some of the things you might need can include a vacuum, a microfiber mop, all-purpose spray, cleaning cloths, a toothbrush, some vinegar, baking soda, dish soap, and others that you will find useful.

Now that you have done both, we are ready, and we can start cleaning the kitchen.

(1) Light Fixtures – you can start with wiping all light fixtures using an all-purpose spray. You can also use a mixture of vinegar and water. Look for bulbs that need replacing.

(2) Next, Cabinet tops – if your cabinets go all the way up to your ceiling, it would be best to clean the tops first. You can use a handy vacuum and dust your kitchen cabinets. Use the all-purpose spray and wipe down the dirt. Make sure you check all the corners and edges and do some more wiping.

(3) Windows – start by dusting the blinds then spray and wipe down the glass. Open your windows and check the corners for dirt. It can be helpful to keep wiping from top to bottom and maintain the pattern.

(4) Clean the kitchen surface – start cleaning all the cupboards, doors, backsplash, light switches,knobs, counters, faucets, walls, and others. Wipe all the items on the surface as well before putting them back to their places.

(5) Sink – wipe down the sink. Using a used toothbrush can be helpful in cleaning the corners, drain, and the rims around the garbage disposal.

(6) Appliances – you would need to move your appliances and clean behind them. You can start with the small appliances to the dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and oven. Don’t forget to check the inside of your appliances too. You can wipe them and make sure they are kept tidy.

(7) Floors – lastly, you can sweep or vacuum the floor. You can use a mop as well as needed and clean the rug areas too.

You made it! After your kitchen cleaning, don’t forget to do a sweep run and check if you missed any spots. Finally, you can put back your kitchen cleaning tools and relax with your clean kitchen.

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