Car Wash Services

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Reanimate that classic showroom shine! ILAJ’s dedicated automotive care unit offers comprehensive single or monthly car washes for all personal vehicles of all sizes and types. We practice a waste and pollution-free service with our waterless based car washes, eliminating the need for the usual salt-rich water which can harm your vehicle paint with scratches. Rest assured, you won’t see yourself tapping your feet from that icky dirt water before entering your vehicle. Despite the limited supply, we make the most of it and our car wash technicians are skilled in equalizing the quantity used. From your vehicle badge to the exhaust tip, we’ll help you reminisce the day you first took it home. Oh! and the tire polish is on us!

Scope of Work:
– Commencing the car wash immediately upon arrival at the site
– Initial application of polymer lubricant to break down any thick dirt substances, rinse narrow corners and inlets.
–  Scrubbing of the full exterior body with the use of a separate microfiber cloth and seeing no residue is left behind.
– Application of Silicone free tyre dresser film to help resist and minimize moisture and dust.

– High-grade polymer-based lubricant for removal of dirt
– Window cleaning and tyre polishing.

– Use of any client provided products.
– Applying any additional protective coating, polish or vehicle shine products.
– Cleaning of vehicle interiors, under-belly or under the hood.